Is there Cell Phone Service in Yellowstone National Park?

It’s hard to disconnect and enjoy nature these days. While I encourage you to do this, there is cell phone service in Yellowstone National Park. This will allow you to contact family in case of emergency, stay on top of that important work email, or post that story of a bison crossing the road!

best cell service in yellowstone

In this post, I will share with you which areas to find the best cell service in Yellowstone as well as carriers providing the best cell phone service in Yellowstone. So, if you feel the need to connect to your phone and share this park’s hidden gems – we got you covered.

Where is the Best Cell Service in Yellowstone?

You might feel like you are disappearing from the outside world as you pass through the gates entering Yellowstone. While true to some extent as cell phone service is available in only about half the park; don’t fear! This post will guide on where to find cell phone service in Yellowstone.

For starters, your last immediate access to cell phone service is available near most entrances to the park from nearby city cell towers. These entrances include the North, South, and West entrances. The East entrance is pretty remote and does not have good coverage.

Once you are a few miles into the park, coverage becomes spotty or stops altogether. In remote sections of the park, you will also struggle to find a signal. The best cell service in Yellowstone is always located near the main campgrounds/throughfares of the park. These locations include:

  • Old Faithful
  • Mammoth
  • Grant Village
  • Canyon
  • Tower-Roosevelt

Each of the locations listed above are major tourist spots and each has a cell tower. As such, they are easily the locations with best service in Yellowstone.

cell phone service in yellowstone
Cell Phone Coverage Map Yellowstone National Park

While the signal is not as strong, other locations to find cell phone service in Yellowstone include Fishing Village and Lake Hotel.

In summary, all hope is not lost. You should still be able to locate a signal for cell phone service in Yellowstone after entering the park.

What is the Best Cell Phone Service in Yellowstone?

All carriers are not created equal, especially in National Parks. There are a few standout phone carriers that have the best cell phone service in Yellowstone National Park. If you do not have one of the below carriers, you may be out of luck to obtain a signal.

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Union Wireless

I personally use AT&T and have found this suitable to have a signal in the main cell tower locations listed above at the very least. However, I do hear that Verizon offers the best cell phone service in Yellowstone.

In summary, sign up with one of the above carriers before your trip. Otherwise, you may be out of touch for a few days.

Can you Charge your Cell Phone in Yellowstone?

Outside of having cell phone service in Yellowstone, you’ll also have to combat with keeping your phone charged. Fortunately, most cars have charging ports for phones these days. However, if you don’t have one, didn’t drive, or are sharing with too many people – select options also exist.

Similar to the locations where you will find cell service in Yellowstone (Old Faithful, Canyon, etc in the map above) – you will likely also be able to find an electrical outlet in the lodges or stores/restaurants located there. In addition, the hotels in Yellowstone like Lake Hotel or Old Faithful Inn will also have phone charging options.

Finally, you could consider a portable battery phone charger like one of these from Amazon –


In summary, you will be able to find cell phone service in Yellowstone as well as a place to charge your phone. The outside world is reachable! With that being said – I still suggest turning your phone off or at least putting in Airplane mode. Get into the wild and enjoy!

Other services in the park: