Does a Secret Yellowstone Basketball Court Exist?

Yes. If you think your local gym’s court is cool, think again. To begin with, the Yellowstone basketball court is nestled in the heart of Yellowstone National Park – one of America’s finest parks. You might be thinking the Yellowstone basketball court is outdoors in this serene setting, but it’s not. The court is inside of one of the park’s famed lodges.

In fact, being that the court is built inside a lodge is what makes it so special. Imagine a massive log cabin with a stunning wooden interior and arching ceilings. This is the kind of hardwood that will make the basketball greats jealous. This is the Yellowstone basketball court.

yellowstone basketball court
The legendary hardwood of the Yellowstone basketball court. This building is made of logs!

In this article, expect to learn about the features of the Yellowstone Basketball Court, where it is located, and who is able to access this secret court.

Where is the Yellowstone Basketball Court?

The Yellowstone basketball court is found in the Old Faithful Recreation Hall, which is part of the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone. The Old Faithful Lodge is located near the Old Faithful Inn which is you guessed it – near the Old Faithful Geyser. In terms of location in the park, Old Faithful lodge is in a relatively central location. Visitors entering from the South entrance through Grand Teton National Park should go left at the first major fork in the road. Of course, you will want to follow the signs for Old Faithful.

It’s an easy attraction that is hard to miss. Also, plenty of parking is available. The exact address for Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone is: 725 Old Faithful Lodge Rd, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

Is the Yellowstone Basketball Court for Employees Only?

Working in Yellowstone comes with a lot of cool perks and employee benefits. One of such perks is access to the employee Yellowstone basketball court. Yes, it is for employees only. For those lucky enough to know someone who works at the park, they might be able to sneak you a visit inside 🙂

If you are a Yellowstone employee or looking to become one; Yellowstone National Park also has a lot of cool employee perks. Other Yellowstone employee benefits include an employee run sports league. Some of the available sports include basketball, soccer, frisbee, golf, ping pong, and volleyball. Yellowstone’s recreation program also caters to photography contests and talent shows. Finally, a hiking club of course. The hidden gems in Yellowstone are some of the hiking club’s favorite!

Check the following link for more information on working in Yellowstone and other Yellowstone employee benefits.

What Else is Found in the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone?

The Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone is home to more than the Old Faithful Recreation Hall that houses the employee Yellowstone basketball court. In addition, Old Faithful lodge in Yellowstone is home to a cafeteria, bakery, snack shop, and lobby area. Oh, and Old Faithful Lodge also offers some of the best viewing of Old Faithful Geyser.

View from out front Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone

In conclusion, the secret Yellowstone basketball court does exist! The court is primarily for employees of the National Park. If you get lucky as a visitor, you might be able to sneak a view!