Are there any Gas Stations in Yellowstone National Park?

Before driving around Yellowstone, you might be wondering are there any gas stations in Yellowstone National Park?

Considering Yellowstone is an expansive park at over 2.2 million acres, you don’t want to run out of gas out here. Fortunately, Yellowstone does have gas stations.

In this post, I’ll share where to find gas stations in Yellowstone National Park, how many there are, and what the price of gas costs. By the end, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing how to drive through Yellowstone National Park.

Gas Stations Near Yellowstone National Park

Before beginning your Yellowstone quest, it’s a good idea to fuel up a full tank of gas for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure you have plenty of fuel before entering the park. Secondly, gas prices in Yellowstone are sky high.

As such, there are a few good options for gas stations near Yellowstone National Park depending on the entrance you’re arriving from. In fact, I always recommend the earlier you are able to fuel up the better. For this reason, the major towns/cities with gas stations near Yellowstone National Park are usually your best bet and they will have cheaper fuel.

Below, find gas stations near Yellowstone National Park based on the entrance/city you’re arriving from.

East Entrance – Cody, WY is the closest town near the East entrance at 53 miles. This is another tourist community with plenty of options for gas including Conoco and Maverik Adventure’s First Stop.

North East Entrance – Cooke City is a small town only 5 miles from the South East entrance. Here, you can find an Exxon.

North Entrance – Approaching from the North, you’ll be in Montana. Gardiner, MT is a small town 5 miles from the entrance with a Conoco.

West Entrance – From here, you will be approaching from Idaho. Right at the entrance, you’ll find the town of West Yellowstone which has both a Chevron and Exxon.

In summary, you will be able to find a gas station near Yellowstone National Park nearby each of the 5 entrances. Be sure to stop at one of these in order to fuel up for your adventure!

Gas Stations in Yellowstone National Park

Once you have arrived in the park, you may be wondering are there any gas stations in Yellowstone National Park? Fortunately, the answer is yes!

While these gas stations are not the major chains like Exxon or Chevron that you would normally recognize, it’s still gas. All of the gas stations in the park are operated by Yellowstone Park Service Stations. The gas stations in Yellowstone are conveniently located near major thoroughfares, tourist attractions and/or popular campsites.

The map below will help you locate these gas stations in Yellowstone National Park.

gas stations in yellowstone national park

Old Faithful – This is probably the most crowded gas station in the park. For good reason too. Old Faithful is the most popular attraction in Yellowstone. It’s nearest the West entrance and also the closest gas station to my favorite campground in the park, Madison.

Grant Village – When arriving from the South entrance, this is the first gas station you will come across in the park.

Fishing Bridge – This gas station is closest to the East entrance. Considering the closest gas station near Yellowstone’s East entrance outside of the park is 53 miles away, this is a good one to take note of when entering from the East.

Canyon – Another popular place that has a central location in the park. Canyon becomes a busy gas station for travelers driving through the park in the middle of the day.

Tower/Roosevelt Junction – In a more remote location of the park near the North East entrance, you’ll find a gas station here.

Mammoth Hot Springs – If arriving from the North entrance or passing through this popular little town home to Mammoth Hot Springs – this gas station is a good option.

In summary, the gas stations in Yellowstone National Park are pretty fairly spread out so that you never find yourself too far from a station when you are becoming low on fuel. If you have cell phone service, you could also use your phone to help you identify the nearest gas station in the park to you.

How Many Gas Stations are in Yellowstone National Park

There are seven gas stations in Yellowstone National Park; all of which are operated by Yellowstone Park Service Stations. Each of the six locations above has one gas station with the exception of Old Faithful which has two.

How to Drive Through Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone is pretty much comprised of 2 sub loops that make up one big looping road throughout the park. Using a map again as reference, you will clearly see the two main loops.

how to drive through yellowstone national park

The best way to drive through Yellowstone National Park and see all the sights is simply following the loop around the entire park. If you’d like to break this up into two days to spend more time at the attractions, you could reserve an entire day for each of the sub loops.

No matter which loop or loops you choose to drive through the park, you’ll have no problem finding a gas station to refuel up along the way.

Gas Prices in Yellowstone National Park

Generally, gas in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho is less expensive than other states in the nation. However, once you enter the park; gas prices jump.

On average, gas prices in Yellowstone National Park are about $.50 cents to a full dollar higher than anywhere outside of the park. To get a gauge on up to date gas prices in the surrounding areas, check here.

gas prices in yellowstone national park

My recommendation is to fill up a full tank before entering the park to save yourself the higher price per gallon found inside Yellowstone.


In summary, Yellowstone has plenty of gas stations both in and near the park. However, they are spread out so don’t let your tank get too low. As a good rule of thumb, starting to seek out a gas station when you are down to a quarter tank. As always, drive safe (watch out for bison!) and pack your wallet to cover the gas prices in Yellowstone National Park!

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