Dog Friendly Restaurants West Yellowstone

Pet-Friendly Establishments The Buffalo Bar offers a diverse menu including breakfast, salads, burgers, and more. They welcome dogs at outdoor tables. Pete’s Rocky Mountain Pizza allows your pup to join you at an outdoor table. Known for their pizza and pasta, they also offer Italian sodas and lemonade. Your dog will enjoy water and treats.… Read More »

Guide to Taking Dogs in Yellowstone National Park

National parks typically have very strict restrictions on pets. Yellowstone National Park is no exception. Keep reading to find out where you can take your dogs in Yellowstone. Are Dogs Allowed in Yellowstone? The short answer is yes, dogs are allowed in Yellowstone National Park. BUT bringing your dog in Yellowstone will highly limit the… Read More »

Are there Bathrooms in Yellowstone National Park?

While crouching behind a tree is always a possibility, you will be relieved to know that there are bathrooms in Yellowstone National Park. Proper planning before visiting any National Park is key. Parks like Yellowstone and Glacier National Park are vast. At times, bathrooms are few and far between. In this post, get prepared by… Read More »

Bears in Yellowstone – Are they Common?

When visiting Yellowstone, it’s important to be bear aware! Bears in Yellowstone National Park are common. In fact, there are over a thousand bears in Yellowstone! In this article, find out what type of bears (Black or Grizzly) are more common in the Park, where to see bears in Yellowstone, and how to practice bear… Read More »

Yellowstone ALPS (Alternating License Plate System) Introduced

Due to unprecedented Yellowstone flooding, a new system for regulating traffic has been introduced called the Yellowstone ALPS – Alternating License Plate System. In this post, learn how ALPS works and when Yellowstone plans to fully reopen after the floods. Yellowstone Flooding – What Happened? Last week (June 15th, 2022), torrents of rainfall hit Yellowstone… Read More »

Are Campfires Allowed in Yellowstone?

Sitting around a campfire at night is one of the most wonderful experiences to have while camping. So, of course it is obvious to ask before a trip – are campfires allowed in Yellowstone? In short, yes campfires are allowed in Yellowstone National Park. However, campfires in Yellowstone are restricted to specific areas of the… Read More »

Are there any Gas Stations in Yellowstone National Park?

Before driving around Yellowstone, you might be wondering are there any gas stations in Yellowstone National Park? Considering Yellowstone is an expansive park at over 2.2 million acres, you don’t want to run out of gas out here. Fortunately, Yellowstone does have gas stations. In this post, I’ll share where to find gas stations in… Read More »

Finding the Best Campground in Yellowstone National Park

There are many great campgrounds in Yellowstone National Park. Since most people only visit here once in a lifetime, choosing the best campground in Yellowstone National Park will help you make the most of your experience. After traveling to and camping in Yellowstone multiple times, I’ve gotten a feel for which campsites are better than… Read More »