Medical Services

The World’s First National Park

Medical Services

LifeFlight on the pad behind Lake Clinic

There are three medical clinics located within Yellowstone National Park, each operated by the park’s primary medical contractor, Medcor.

The clinics are open to the general public, NPS employees, and concessionaire staff.   Each clinic provides basic medical care, including stabilization of major trauma or other life-threatening injuries prior to being diverted to advanced care facilities in eastern Idaho, Bozeman,  or Jackson Hole.  They also provide x-ray, laboratory, and pharmacy services.

For all in-park emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

All EMS functions are provided by park rangers and/or NPS staff via ambulances housed around the park. The Park typically has between 300 and 400 EMS calls (involving transport) during a typical year.

Note that the dates and operating times for the clinics below are in general terms.  For specific opening/closing dates each season, see the Visitor Services page.  All three clinics have wheel chairs for rent for those who need assistance getting around.

Mammoth Clinic

The Mammoth Clinic (built in 1964) is open year-round, from 8:30 AM until 5PM, Monday through Thursday, and 8:30AM until 1PM on Fridays. (it is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, however).  The clinic is located on the north side of the Mammoth Post Office (2nd building behind the Albright Visitor’s Center) in the Fort Yellowstone section of the headquarters area at the corner where the road turns from Mammoth to head down into the Lower Mammoth area.  The clinic’s phone number is 307-344-7965.  Mammoth is the only location with a physician on duty.

Old Faithful Clinic

The clinic at Old Faithful (built in 1996) is co-located with the Ranger Station on the southwest end of the parking lot (south of Old Faithful, west of the Snow Lodge).  The Clinic’s hours are 7:00AM until 7:00PM each day during the summer months.  The clinic is generally closed during the winter, but if sufficient staffing is available they may be open on a limited basis (inquire via the Mammoth Clinic’s phone number).  The Old Faithful Clinic’s phone number is 307-545-7325.

Lake Clinic

The Lake Clinic is located across from Lake Hotel (on the west side).  The 10-bed Clinic’s hours are from 8:00AM until 5PM each day during the summer months.  The clinic is closed during the winter.  The clinic’s phone number is 307-242-7241.