Bears in Yellowstone – Are they Common?

When visiting Yellowstone, it’s important to be bear aware! Bears in Yellowstone National Park are common. In fact, there are over a thousand bears in Yellowstone! In this article, find out what type of bears (Black or Grizzly) are more common in the Park, where to see bears in Yellowstone, and how to practice bear… Read More »

How to See Yellowstone in Winter

Have you ever wondered how to see Yellowstone in winter? While Yellowstone National Park is a tourist haven in summer, planning a visit during winter is equally special. In this complete guide for visiting Yellowstone in winter; find out how to get here, what to do, and where to stay. Be sure to make your… Read More »

Best Hikes in Glacier National Park

Yes, this blog is primarily about Yellowstone National Park. However, I recently visited Glacier National Park (a few hour’s drive from Yellowstone). As such, I was tempted to share a post on my best hikes in Glacier National Park and the best scenic hikes in Glacier National Park. Like Yellowstone, Glacier National Park is an… Read More »

Best Places to See Bison in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park has many beautiful sights and is full of diverse wildlife. In particular, sighting bison in Yellowstone is popular. To improve your chances to spot one of these creatures during your next visit, you should know the best places to see bison in Yellowstone. Fortunately, Yellowstone has a lot of bison! The number… Read More »

Hidden Gems in Yellowstone – Secret Yellowstone Hikes

Visiting and hiking in Yellowstone is a magical experience. There are a lot well known hikes and places within Yellowstone National Park. In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite hidden gems in Yellowstone. A goal of mine is to visit every single National Park in the United States. In 2020,… Read More »

Visitor Services

Accessibility Many park facilities and major areas of interest, such as Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Canyon, Grant Village, Madison and Norris, have been judged to be negotiable by wheelchair users without assistance. These areas are described in the pamphlet, Visitors Guide to Accessible Features in Yellowstone National Park.[PDF]  The guide provides information about wheelchair availability,… Read More »

Visitor Safety

While Yellowstone is a stunning place to visit, you have to be careful.  Yellowstone is not a zoo – the animals are wild and unpredictable and are not fenced in.  A slow, lumbering, wild bison looks as though it can’t move very fast, but they are quite agile when they need to be, as is… Read More »

Tourist Activities

UNDER DEVELOPMENT – Some details are pending announcements from vendors. In addition to driving around the park, exploring thermal areas, watching the wildlife, and viewing the scenery, there are several organized activities for park visitors to engage in. Ranger-Led Programs Coming soon for the 2010 Summer Season. Horseback Rides There are three stables in the park… Read More »

Suggested Itineraries

These are suggested tours – recommendations only.  Obviously you should construct the specific route you take based on what interests you.  These are itineraries I’d recommend to people who’d never been to Yellowstone before. SINGLE DAY ITINERARY Option A:  This option is for those who wish to see as much as they can without investing… Read More »

Ranger-Led Activities

National Park Service rangers offer a variety of programs through the summer and winter  months in Yellowstone.  These programs are offered at a variety of locations throughout the park.  Specific programs offered each season are based on ranger availability (which is contingent upon funding, of course). Summer Programs Winter Programs SUMMER PROGRAMS The following are… Read More »