YNP Facts & Figures

Yellowstone National Park Facts & Figures Established March 1, 1872. Boundary changes: May 26, 1926; March 1, 1929; April 19, 1930; Oct. 20, 1932. Designated a Biosphere Reserve 1976. Designated a World Heritage Site, Sept. 6, 1978. Basic Information The world’s first national park. 3,472 square miles/2,222,766.71 square acres in size (2,222,765.13 federal; 1.58 non-federal), larger… Read More »


Former Superintendents of Yellowstone National Park Name Served From/To Nathaniel Langford May 1872 to April 1877 Philetus Norris April 1877 to March 1882 Patrick Conger April 1882 to September 1884 Robert Carpenter September 1884 to June 1885 David Wear July 1885 to August 1886 Capt Moses Harris August 1886 to May 1889 Capt Frazier Boutelle… Read More »

Non-Profit Organizations

There are a variety of non-profit organizations that work to promote or help sustain programs within and on behalf of Yellowstone. The Yellowstone Association The nonprofit Yellowstone Association funds and provides educational products and services for Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone Association is the National Park Service’s primary partner in providing educational programs, exhibits, and… Read More »

Historical Figures

People Important to the History of Yellowstone Many individuals were connected with the founding or history of Yellowstone. Hiram ChittendenW John ColterW Truman C. EvertsW Ferdinand HaydenW Frank Jay HaynesW William Henry JacksonW Thomas MoranW Robert ReamerW Henry WashburnW John F. YanceyW Harry YountW Horace AlbrightW Frazier BoutelleW Herbert MaierW Dan Christie KingmanW The team… Read More »

Yellowstone Organizational Charts

These charts show how the park’s administration is structured. The top chart reflects the Superintendent’s senior staff, and those divisions that have substantial organizations under them are provided beneath it.  A description of many of these individual divisions does is provided throughout the other sections of the web site. Current Senior Staff Structure for Yellowstone… Read More »

Working in Yellowstone

The NPS and its contractors hire thousands of people to work in Yellowstone every year.  Some work for just a few weeks and leave, some go to work there and never leave.The National Park Service hires permanent and seasonal positions through the standard federal hiring process.  You can find job openings listed at USAJOBS.GOV.  Keep in mind that… Read More »


While the National Park Service itself owns and is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the Park, they rely on a variety of concessionaires to provide direct services to the general public. This includes everything from operating the hotels, restaurants, and stores, to providing medical care. There are five primary concessionaires operating in Yellowstone. Xanterra (formerly… Read More »